Best garage heaters uK 2023 Review

Learn What is The Best Heater For a Garage in Winter

Looking for the best heater for your garage? Regardless of if you are using your garage as a general room, gym, workshop or any other use, in this guide we will take a look at five of the best garage heaters that will be suitable for your UK garage.

Before we get into the best garage haters, we will show you what to look for when selecting the best electric heater for you.

How to Select The Best Garage Heater For You

When it comes to finding the best garage heater, there are a few things you need to consider, below we will take a look at them.

The size of your garage determines the heating wattage you require.

In order to get the best electric garage heater that will provide good heat in the garage, you need to get the right heat power output for the space.

The calculations below are a good way to find the right power heater.

A standard modern (last 40 years) UK single garage is around 3m × 5m, this makes it 15 square meters

You take the 15 square meters and x by 115 watts, this would give you 1,725 watts, an electric heater that produces above 1,725 watts should be sufficient enough to heat the garage, in this case it would be best to purchase a 2,000 watt electric heater.

115 watts is slightly more than recommended, we have taken into account insulation is generally not good in garage.

Draught proofing in your garage will also play a big role in keeping the heat in, and your heater effective. If your garage has holes in the roof, and poorly fitted doors, you will be losing heat quicker than the heater can supply, this making the heater ineffective.

If you are interested in draught proofing your garage to keep it warm, check out the links below

  • Cheap garage door insulation kit – Click here
  • Garage door seal – Click here
  • Versatile insulation boards that can be used for garage walls and celling – Click here


Type of Heat Produced by The Garage Heater

Believe it or not, not all heat heats you the same way. For example, halogen heaters heat you (your body) directly as opposite to the room, this is why it is important the halogen heater faces you.

Convertor Heaters and Oil Filled Radiators

These heaters will heat the space in the room. Oil radiators continue to stay warm for around 30 minutes after you have switched them off, however it does take oiler radiators slightly longer than convertor heaters to heat up. Convertor radiators are popular as they give off heat almost instantly.

Fan heaters are most likely to be the best heating for a garage. Fan heaters are known for warming poorly insulated rooms quickly. The fan blows the heat from the element around the room, forcing warm air in the room.

Heater Features and Functions

Electric heaters come with a number of functions and features. One of the best features is a remote control to control the heater functions, the remote allows you to switch it on and off, as well as adjust the temperature.

Thermostat, this feature is excellent as you can set it to the desired temperature, and it will switch on and off to maintain the desired temperature, this also saves you money as the heater is not constantly on full blast.

Wall Mounted or Freestanding Heaters

Most garage heaters will be freestanding by default, the benefit of this is the ability to move it around, however, you may want it fixed in one place to the wall, especially if you have converted your garage into a room. If this is you, you will need to ensure the garage heater has wall brackets to mount it to the wall.


The Best Garage Heaters Reviewed


Ranked No.1

Garage Heater Rating:
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Key Features:

  • 2.2KW ceramic fan heater
  • Soft touch LED screen
  • 3 modes: Hot/Warm/Fan only
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Motorised oscillation
  • Adjustable thermoset
  • Remote control
  • Quit for a fan heater
  • Height 77.5cm

For the average garage, the BLACK + DECKER BXSH44005GB will be more than sufficient. It is a sleek modern looking black tower unit that has a touch display along with a small black remote control to operate it.

The remote is a handy feature, it will allow you to switch it on and off, change modes, set the timer, adjust the thermoset temperature and switch osculation on and off.

It has 3 settings fan only with no heat, warm which uses less power to provide comfortable heat and Hot which provides maximum heat for those cold UK winters.

It provides 2200 watts of heating power, which should be adequate for most single garages and quite a fan to blow the heat from the ceramic stone element into the garage

BLACK + DECKER is a brand that has been around for a long time, and has proven to make high quality products that last, this BLACK + DECKER BXSH44005GB tower ceramic fan heater should prove to be durable and last a long time.

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Igenix IG9301 Industrial/Commercial Drum Fan Heater

Ranked No.2

Garage Heater Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Key Features:

  • Powerful 3kW heat output
  • Thermostat
  • 3 settings: Fan/2kW/3kW
  • Integrated handle
  • Suitable for industrial commercial use

We have ranked this No.2 due to its hefty 3000 watt heat output. If you have an old garage that is leaking heat due to poorly fitted doors and roof, this will most likely be your best option to keep your garage warm due to the high amount of heat it can produce.

It has 3 settings, fan only with no heat, low heat that produces 2kW and max heat at 3kW. Along with the 3 settings, it has a temperature control along with a thermoset.

It is a compact stainless steel unit that is robust, designed for commercial, industrial use, but excellent for old garages that are slightly bigger than modern garages.

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Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater Panel Heater

Ranked No.3

Garage Heater Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Key Features:

  • 2kW convector heater
  • Wall mountable
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Can be controlled by app on phone
  • Compatible with ALEXA

If your garage has been somewhat insulated, and is more of a room than a garage, a stylish heater like the Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater may be a good option for you.

This is a modern, sleek looking glass unit with a digital display screen. The display screen has a touchpad that allows you to set power output, thermostat and tells you the current temperature of the room. You can download an app that allows you to control the heater, and can be connected to ALEXA.

This is a convector electric heater, convectors work by drawing cold air from the ground, heating it and despairing it back into the room. If wall mounting, best to keep it as low to the ground as possible, and near the doughtiest area in the garage.

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ANSIO Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Ranked No.4

Product Rating:
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Key Features:

  • 2.3kW oil filled electric heater
  • 3 Power settings
  • Remote control
  • Digital display
  • Adjustable thermoset
  • Tip overprotection

This oil filled electric heater will be suited to somewhat insulated garages. Oil heaters take a bit longer to get warm, but once switched off, continue to provide heat.

The ANSIO oil filled heater, is a modern looking black unit with a digital touchpad display and a remote control that operates all major functions.

This electric heater has 3 power modes, low power produces a max 1,000 watts of heat, medium power produces 1,300 watts of heat and high power produces 2300 watts of heat.

It has an adjustable thermostat, when it detects the room has reach the desired temperature, it will go into sleep mode and switch back on once the temperature has dropped below the desired temperature.

The ANSIO oil heater comes with tip overprotection, if tipped over it will switch off. You can see more oil filed radiators, if you check out our best oil filled radiator guide.

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BTGGG Wall Mounted Heater Warmer

Ranked No.5

Product Rating:
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Key Features:

  • 3kW Halogen electric heater
  • 3 power modes
  • Remote control operated

If you prefer an electric heater that will heat you directly as opposed to the space, a Halogen heater maybe the best option for you. This is capable of keeping people warm in patios, and various outside spaces, this should keep you warm in an old garage.

This is an extremely powerful Halogen heater at 3,000 watts of heat, more than twice what you will find in freestanding Halogen heaters.

This electric heater is quite a big unit that should be wall mounted and comes with a remote to operate it.

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Are Garage Heaters Worth it?

When it comes to garage heaters, there are a few factors to consider before deciding if they are worth the investment.

For starters, obviously, garage heaters can keep your garage warm in cold climates. This is beneficial not only for comfort when working in the garage, but also to protect items stored inside from extreme temperatures that could damage them over time. Additionally, garage heaters can help limit condensation on walls and windows, which could lead to water damage or mould growth.

Garage heaters can provide convenience if the one you buy comes with a built-in thermostats and timers that let you set your garage temperature to whatever is most comfortable for you, have it come on 15 minutes before you enter the garage, so it is already warm.

Overall, garage heaters are worth the investment if you plan to use your garage frequently and want an efficient way to keep it warm and comfortable during cold weather months. The cost of running a garage heater may be offset by the benefits a garage heater provides, such as protecting items stored inside, limiting condensation, and providing convenience with built-in thermostats and timers. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide if garage heaters are worth it for their garage.

What is The Safest Way to Heat a Garage?

The safest way to heat a garage is to use an electric fan heater. Electric fan heaters can be energy efficient, can be set up quickly and easily. They provide a reliable source of warmth that won’t give off dangerous exhaust fumes like propane or kerosene models do.

Additionally, electric fan heaters generally come with built-in safety features, like automatic shut-offs that prevent overheating or tipping over. They are also typically less expensive than other types of heaters and require little maintenance over time.

How Do You Heat a Poorly Insulated Garage?

Heating a poorly insulated garage can be a challenge, but it is still possible. One of the most effective solutions for heating a poorly insulated garage is to use an electric fan heater. Electric fan heaters are compact, freestanding, which makes them easy to install, require no ventilation.

Fan heaters force hot are into a room quickly, with poorly insulated garages, you want hot air coming in faster than it is being lost, and that’s why fan heaters are best for garages.

Additionally, you can use insulation materials such as bubble wrap or reflective foil to help reduce heat loss through your garage walls and doors.

How Can I Make My Garage Warmer in The Winter?

There is nothing worse than a cold garage in the winter, thankfully there are numerous ways to make your garage warmer in the winter.

The first is to add insulation to your garage walls and roof. This will help keep the cold out and keep any heat inside, making your garage more comfortable, and more efficient at keeping heat in the garage.

Additionally, installing weather stripping around doors and windows can help reduce drafts and air leakage, which will help keep your garage warm even during very cold temperatures.

Using a thick rug, carpet or rubber mats can absorb some of the cold from the floor, making it easier for your heater to warm up the space. A cold floor will absorb a lot of heat as heat will be drawn to it, covering it with one of the above will greatly help.

As we have mentioned many times, fan heaters are the best heating source for a garage due to how fast they can throw out hot air.

Should You Heat Your Garage in Winter?

Heating your garage in the winter is not necessarily required, but it can be beneficial depending on what you use your garage for. If you plan on working in it or storing tools and supplies that need to stay at a certain temperature, then heating the space may be necessary.

If your garage suffers from damp, and you plan to spend time in the garage, heating can help reduce the damp, especially damp around windows and doors, which can lead to more serious issues over time.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your needs to determine whether heating your garage in the winter is a good idea or not.

What is The Most Efficient Heater for a Garage?

Fan heaters are the most efficient heaters for a garage because they force heat into the air quickly. This is due to the fan, which helps to circulate the warm air, providing faster and more consistent heating.

Fan heaters generally produce a higher level of heat compared to other types of heaters, making them ideal for quickly warming up garages. Furthermore, fan heaters can be more energy efficient than other forms of heating, as they produce a lot of heat, very fast. This gets the garage up to the desired temperature faster, and you will most likely not need to have it on for as long.

What is The Least Expensive Way to Heat a Garage?

Insulating a garage is the most cost-efficient way to keep it warm. By properly insulating the walls and ceiling, you can reduce the amount of heat that escapes, allowing you to keep your garage warm for longer periods of time.

This also means that you won’t have to use a heater as often, saving energy and money in the long run. Additionally, insulating your garage can help protect against moisture, making it more liveable and comfortable.

How We Review Garage Heaters

When testing the best heater for a garage, the test it very simple, we use an independent thermostat, see which is the fastest to reach 22 degrees as this is the temperature most people will find comfortable, this test is excluded on halogen heaters are they warm objects and not the space. We also see how good the heater is at maintaining the heat for 1 hour, and does it keep the garage warm.  

Who does the garage heater reviews on

Ken Miller carries out all the reviews on this site, Ken has many years of experience in property maintenance, and using various types of heaters, and Ken judges based on his years of experience how good the garage heaters is and is it worth buying.